1. For a productive weekend

    What a hacker learns after a year of marketing - by Rob Spectre 

    Why you should read this - A hacker becomes a marketer for a year and learns the challenges of adoption and engagement. A great post for hackers to understand marketing and appreciate the skill-set. Build it and they will come is dead.  

    Lean Startup - by Steve Blank and Eric Ries

    Why you should read this - Back to the basics. Blank and Ries walk through lean development and lean marketing. If you don’t practice lean, your startup is wasting time and money. 

    How moving fast doubled our engagement - by KISSMetrics Team

    Why you should read this - KISSMetrics walks through a step-by-step of a redesign of a new release. KISS provides great tips on how to take in data and customer feedback to improve a product. 

    Zynga’s fall and Facebook as a viral platform - by Sangeet Choudary

    Why you should read this - Sangeet outlines why he thinks Zynga and similar Facebook apps are falling out a flavor on Facebook. Basically, he postulates that these apps seek to interrupt the core social value of Facebook. 

    New blogs to follow

    Dan Ariely - Dan is a well-known behavioral economist who specializes in applying human motivation and thought processes to technology. In his blog, he discusses subjective rationality and user engagement tactics.  


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