1. Facebook is losing ground to Google

    Facebook vs Google

    As Facebook continues its expansion to be the largest internet service of all time, Facebook maybe losing the battle to Google in one of its core drivers of user growth, open standard for authentication or “OAuth”. From July 2012 to March 2013, Facebook Connect appears to be losing ground to Google Connect at an alarming rate due to losing user trust and preventing “spamming” a user’s Facebook friends.

    A study done by Janrain, a third-party authentication service, shows Google Connect gaining ground over Facebook Connect as the preferred login and registration method.

    Social Oauth trends from 2010 to 2013

    As shown above, Google Connect is rising in popularity with users at the expense of Facebook Connect. Twitter and Yahoo are continuing on a downward trend, probably due to the low market share and unclear user benefit. Google Connect’s market share is growing, especially in media and consumer sites. 

    To add, I’ve heard in first-hand and second-hand accounts in the Valley that more startups are including both Facebook and Google Connect as a way to create an account. When these two options are given to a visitor, a majority choose Google over Facebook. The number one explanation I heard for this behavior was, “Users don’t want to spam their friends.” 

    Facebook has a rising problem with user trust. From a growth perspective, Google Connect has similar data benefits to Facebook, but Facebook still has superior value in the ability to post into the platform and actionable PDI.

    The tide is shifting on public perception towards a Google strength: user trust. 


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