1. Usage is the only thing that matters

    Usage is more important than design.

    Usage is more important than architecture. 

    Usage is more important than marketing.

    Usage is the only thing that matters.

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  2. The one equation that will save and grow your startup

    Guy Kawaski - “Distribution. Distribution. Distribution!” 

    Peter Thiel - “Startups do not get distribution. They tend to overlook it. It is the single topic whose importance people understand least.”

    Ron Conway - “Silicon valley is all about growth. Growth is the lifeblood of Silicon Valley”

    Distribution is one of the greatest challenges for every startup. Great products die because the team failed at finding a scalable and cost-effective acquisition strategy. Every startup can avoid this pitfall by understanding how users make decisions. 

    While this may be hard to believe at first thought, consumers have beat you to the punch. Users have already solved their problems in two ways: the use of substitution products and pricing solutions out of the market. Consider a few examples:

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