1. Facebook is losing ground to Google

    Facebook vs Google

    As Facebook continues its expansion to be the largest internet service of all time, Facebook maybe losing the battle to Google in one of its core drivers of user growth, open standard for authentication or “OAuth”. From July 2012 to March 2013, Facebook Connect appears to be losing ground to Google Connect at an alarming rate due to losing user trust and preventing “spamming” a user’s Facebook friends.

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  2. Grow like Facebook: onboarding and activation

    Facebook growth logo

    Facebook is one of the best at turning new users into active users. With 1/6th of the world a Facebook user, Facebook has set a high bar for activation and its team is rapidly spreading the gospel of growth (here are some notes on Facebook’s overall growth strategy from the Growth Hacker’s Conference). 

    Every good activation strategy optimizes the new user experience (“NUX”) to reach the “magic moment” as fast as possible. The “magic moment” is a point in the NUX when a user surpasses a metric and is far more likely to be retained. This metric varies from product to product. For Facebook, the magic moment is seven friends in ten days for a new user. 

    In the following paragraphs, I will break out Facebook’s on-boarding and activation strategy to see how they motivate new users to reach the magic moment as fast as possible. 

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  3. A Facebook phone is defense, not offense

    Do you have Facebook fatigue yet? Facebook openly recognizes it exists and I hear more of my friends on a weekly basis bailing to other services. The popularity of “I quit Facebook” posts are uncanny. Techies love to talk about the demise of Facebook and how we are all unsatisfied

    Does this look satisfying to you? Can anyone tell what is going on the screen shot of my home feed below?

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  4. Is Winter coming? Naw, its just a cold.

    Facebook is up this week. :-0

    No, you are not in the Twilight zone. 

    Since Paul Graham’s doomsday letter was sent to his portfolio, the mood in the Valley has felt a little muggy and snickery about Facebook’s “failed” IPO. Entrepreneurs and investors fear Winter 2.0 has arrived with several publicly traded tech firms are trading depressingly low and failed tech IPOs continue to mount. 

    At this time when $FB is looking up, a little perspective is needed on the markets.

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