1. Grow like Tumblr: mobile registration flow


    With approximately 20 billion page views a month and 30% page view growth year-over-year, Tumblr is growing and vibrant content community (this blog is hosted on Tumblr). Tumblr has invested heavily in its mobile product to drive this growth. 

    In the following post, I will be detailing Tumblr’s mobile registration strategy which is at the heart of its recent page view growth. 

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  2. Grow like Facebook: onboarding and activation

    Facebook growth logo

    Facebook is one of the best at turning new users into active users. With 1/6th of the world a Facebook user, Facebook has set a high bar for activation and its team is rapidly spreading the gospel of growth (here are some notes on Facebook’s overall growth strategy from the Growth Hacker’s Conference). 

    Every good activation strategy optimizes the new user experience (“NUX”) to reach the “magic moment” as fast as possible. The “magic moment” is a point in the NUX when a user surpasses a metric and is far more likely to be retained. This metric varies from product to product. For Facebook, the magic moment is seven friends in ten days for a new user. 

    In the following paragraphs, I will break out Facebook’s on-boarding and activation strategy to see how they motivate new users to reach the magic moment as fast as possible. 

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  3. Grow like Path (part 2)

    Path Logo

    This is the second installment of my review of Path 2.5 from a growth perspective. Part 1 on Path 2.5’s user acquisition strategy can be found here

    The press covering Path’s new released highlighted 2.5’s new enhancements, from videos to personal invitations. Path 2.5 emphasized fostering deeper connections between Path users than previous updates. I will be outlining Path 2.5’s new engagement mechanics and offering some improvements of my own. My final post will cover my growth hacks for Path 2.5.

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  4. Grow like Path (part 1)

    Path Logo

    Last week Path 2.5 was released with great enthusiasm. Path continues to focus on fostering a user’s close and real network versus any available connection on web. From a new notifications center to video support, Path 2.5 is a significant update in breadth of features. From a growth perspective, Path 2.5 explores a “nudge” notification, invite tracking, and expanded Facebook permissions. I will be focusing on these new growth tactics and include some thoughts of my own. 

    Due to the size of Path 2.5, my thoughts will be divided into two parts. Part 1 will do a deep dive into connecting with friends on Path and invitation flow. Part 2 will explore Path 2.5’s new engagement mechanics, such as nudge and notifications.

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