1. Quarreling about growth hacking

    growth hacking debate

    If you follow me on Twitter or know my background, you probably noticed that I like politics. Anyone who follows politics long enough sees that issues that captivate the news cycle are often more complicated than a single pass can comprehend. Some of the backlash or shallow promotion of growth hacking looks a lot like political discussions on cable TV, inane premises and shallow argumentation.

    I am not very interested in continuing to rehash whether growth hacking exists or not. It does. Look at the original growth community. Their track record speaks for itself. To me, a more interesting subject of discussion is why some are denying the growth hacking movement despite its palpable benefit to the startup and business community.

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  2. 8 practical tips for growth

    Philosophizing about  “growth” and “growth hacking” is amble, but there is a dearth of practical tips on building a growing company. Implementing growth into an organization is a long slog and free of glamour.

    Based on my experience, I’ve worked both as an individual contributor and leading a growth team. Outside of my writing on common organizational and cultural behaviors that hampers growth, I collected a few tips from my successes and failures on growing a product.

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  3. Usage is the only thing that matters

    Usage is more important than design.

    Usage is more important than architecture. 

    Usage is more important than marketing.

    Usage is the only thing that matters.

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