1. Interview a Growth Hacker with Greg Tseng

    Greg Tseng from Tagged

    When writing my TechCrunch series on growth hacking, I was very fortunate enough to chat with one of the legends on growth, Greg Tseng. Greg is the founder of Tagged, a social network for meeting new people. He has advised or worked at HomeRun, Flixster, Hi5, and LinkedIn. He has led numerous apps to over a million users. 

    Here is what Greg had to say about growth hacking.

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  2. Interview a growth hacker with Mike Greenfield

    Practically understanding and implementing growth can be a real challenge. I sat down recently in sunny Palo Alto with Mike Greenfield, Growth Hacker-In-Residence at 500 Startups and co-founder of Circle of Moms, to talk about living a growth minded culture and his work experience at some of the fastest growing companies in the valley. Here is what he had to say.

    Mike Greenfield Growth Hacker

    Tell me about your past and how you came to be a growth hacker.

    I wouldn’t necessarily call myself a growth hacker, but I’ve certainly come to appreciate the importance of growth, and I understand a number of the dynamics that make it happen.
    LinkedIn hired me when they had 250,000 users and the scale of their data was becoming interesting. Reid and company knew that virality and growth were important and that data would be valuable, and they brought me on to help formalize that. At the time, there were no cleanly defined terms like “growth hacker” or “data scientist”, so I was figuring things out as I went along (and going back and forth between being growth-y and scientist-y).

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  3. Interview a growth hacker with Matt Humphrey

    I sat down with Matt Humphrey, co-founder of HomeRun and now VP of Merchandise at Rearden Commerce, to talk about growth hacking and how to keep a growth-focused culture in a rapidly expanding company. Matt team’s growth strategy ultimately led to a viral product and a strong exit. His complete interview is below.

    Matt Humphrey on growth hacking

    What is growth hacking?

    Growth hacking is acquiring, retaining, and monetizing users more effectively. A growth hacker is an individual who can, from end-to-end, collect data, ideate, plan, execute, and deploy the necessary tactics and strategies to hit goals.  

    How did you develop these skills?

    I developed these skills tuning interesting and novel viral loops with Andrew Chen back in 2008, building on the Facebook platform from 2009-2010, and engineering email list growth in 2011 at my company Homerun. 

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