1. For a productive weekend

    What a hacker learns after a year of marketing - by Rob Spectre 

    Why you should read this - A hacker becomes a marketer for a year and learns the challenges of adoption and engagement. A great post for hackers to understand marketing and appreciate the skill-set. Build it and they will come is dead.  

    Lean Startup - by Steve Blank and Eric Ries

    Why you should read this - Back to the basics. Blank and Ries walk through lean development and lean marketing. If you don’t practice lean, your startup is wasting time and money. 

    How moving fast doubled our engagement - by KISSMetrics Team

    Why you should read this - KISSMetrics walks through a step-by-step of a redesign of a new release. KISS provides great tips on how to take in data and customer feedback to improve a product. 

    Zynga’s fall and Facebook as a viral platform - by Sangeet Choudary

    Why you should read this - Sangeet outlines why he thinks Zynga and similar Facebook apps are falling out a flavor on Facebook. Basically, he postulates that these apps seek to interrupt the core social value of Facebook. 

    New blogs to follow

    Dan Ariely - Dan is a well-known behavioral economist who specializes in applying human motivation and thought processes to technology. In his blog, he discusses subjective rationality and user engagement tactics.  

  2. For a productive weekend

    10 reasons why your content doesn’t attract links - Copypress 

    Why you should read it - Easy to do tips to make your content more attractive (thus viral) to readers. 

    Lessons learnt viral marketing - For Entreprenuers 

    Why you should read it - A simple viral model for starting growth hackers. The best viral loops are engineered and forecasted using excel models. This article is a great place to start. 

    How much are eyeballs work - CNN Money 2000

    Why you should read it - A simple viral model for starting growth hackers. The best viral loops are engineered and forecasted using excel models. This article is a great place to start. 

    Using surveys and viral marketing - Sean Ellis

    Why you should read it - Sean Ellis outlines how to determine if your product is ready to scale. Through the use of surveys, Sean outlines how to discover if your product is a must-have or a nice-to- have. 

  3. For a productive weekend

    Outsourcing government services: How some Georgia towns use technology to save us money - The Economist

    Brand gamification: 15 examples of brands using games for higher conversions - iMedia Connection

    The bubble has burst: Mobile startups are falling like 1999 - Andrew Chen’s Blog

    Testing your data: 3 pitfalls of A/B testing - Marketing Experiments 

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  4. For a productive weekend

    Launching Hit Tennis 3 into the Charts by Mark Johnson - a great post on how to launch a mobile product in a scrappy, innovative way.

    11 clever tricks to growth your email list by Hubspot - 11 inspirations for CTA.

    Atomic unit of your product by Fred Wilson - understanding your core offering will help you find the right metrics and growth. 

    What I learned from increasing my prices by ExtendsLogic - How increasing prices can change your customer base and improve your product’s survival. 

    You might be a born growth hacker if by Exygy - some ways to identify if you are a growth hacker.

    Happy Weekend

  5. For a productive weekend

    Will you have some down time this weekend? Here is a selection of articles from this past week I found insightful. Enjoy!

    Lies damned Lies Statistics - What visual early social networks need to be on your radar. 

    Hubspot - Facebook changes the reach metric and what this means for your business.

    Seth Godin on MSNBC - Why entrepreneurs are selfish and need to shut up. Tell a story and stop yelling at your customers. 

    A VC - Android sharing from a Fred Wilson’s perspective. 

    Hubspot - How marketing has evolved into something you love rather than something that interrupts your life

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  6. For a productive weekend

    Here is a selection of articles from this week I found insightful for your downtime this weekend.

    • "Something does not add up" - The Economist -  How marketers take advantage of the fact that consumers are bad at fractions and percentages. 
    • "Fighting for the next billion"- The Economist - How do P&G and Unilever plan to reach 2 billion people. 
    • "User acquisition: viral basics" - Phsycohistory - Creating a viral loop is like a rabbit. It is not the number of invites but the number of times a user sends invites. 
    • "Japan’s hot social network LINE" - Japan Times - How LINE created a hot social network between feature phones and smart phones. 
    • "Distribution Hacker’s mission: create an unfair advantage" - Distribution Hacks - Growth comes from an unfair advantage in the marketplace. 

    Have a productive weekend and see you next week!